WELCOME! Hello to everyone who came here via web searches and links. These pages hold the latest and
most accurate information. There are a few old cached pages around so please always start with this page.

NEW: I developed a line of N-scale piers and abutments for commonly available bridges. They allow for easy
set-up of a realistic scene with different bridges. The track height is the same across the entire collection.

I have decided it is necessary to stop working on the big bridge kits for now.
My day job career in electronics manufacturing has become quite busy, which is a good thing for the company
and is a positive sign for American small business manufacturing. Also, I am the house husband here at
JPStructures World Headquarters since my wife Becky is not as mobile as she once was. So my time and
energy have become far more limited.

These bridge kit projects can take on huge proportions as a hobby business. I always want to make the best
possible models, which pushes me to the limits of the available material and manufacturing techniques. Hand
resin casting is full of difficult to predict variables. I could have made the parts thick and clunky with lots of
flash to clean up, but that would not be satisfactory to myself or you. To make something like the Durango
Truss requires multiple iterations and trials. That kit would require about 15 different molds, with multiples of
each to make the number of required parts. That is a lot of time!Then I get only about 10 part pulls per mold
due to the desired thin cross sections, etc.

I apologize if I have disappointed you guys on the inquiry lists. But I wanted to be honest with myself and you,
and not keep you waiting forever for a bridge that may not come along in the time you needed it, or ever.

I will eventually get back to making the complicated kits that you all enjoy. I hope technology will catch up with
my designs, especially desktop 3D printing. I wish someone else could be bold and offer nice injection molded
kits of specific prototypes, but, alas, no one has yet. Narrow gauge modelers especially appreciated my efforts
(thanks!), plus the coolest old bridges are still around in many famous NG location, making for great projects!

I will be available for questions on kits you may have obtained already. I have many spare parts if you need
something. I can offer modeling hints for bridges if you have a project of your own.

I wish I did not have to put my desire to create and make available accurate bridge model kits aside. Thank
you for your understanding. Email anytime with comments or questions!

A NOTE TO MY FANS: I have received many ideas, photos and even drawings for bridges over the last years.
I want to make them all! But, as you can see, I cannot all at once. This project is very time limited and the
process very intensive so my output is quite spread out. I wish to truly thank you all for your support and
generosity. All the data remains in my files and in my head. There will be a day when this becomes a full time
project so I am very grateful to have these great bridge ideas already available. Please keep the info coming. I
also want to get back to going to the NNGC to see you in person.
Thank you!

The older bridges were popular and well accepted (Navajo Through Truss, Cimarron
Deck Truss, the gigantic Lobato Trestle, remember the HO Through Truss?). Retired means I am no longer
offering them but I like to leave the photos up because they are pretty. I like to start new projects so get a
current project when they are available.

WARRANTY PAGE: I added an info page. TO WARRANTY

WEBSITE: I use AABACO (formerly YAHOO! or maybe it's Yahoo! again or Luminate or whatever- who was it
that bought Yahoo!?<&^%) web hosting and their Site Builder. It is a simple way of making a website. I put the
effort into my bridges. But if you have a correction or comment please email.

PRIVACY: I don't collect your info or send out email newsletters. Actually I end up deleting or misfiling emails
anyway so know your info is not used in any way except as you request. I will save your info if you wish to let
you know when something is available. My web host has their privacy policy available on the web.

Thanks for your interest in this bridge model kit project. And thanks for your patience! This is a one-person
project. I have a very busy day job and a wonderful home life but both can make my bridge time variable and
sometimes limited. Email me for more info, with comments or to express interest in obtaining a kit.
Check back
for the latest news!

John Palecki
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