WELCOME! Hello to everyone who came here via web searches and links. These pages hold the latest and
most accurate information. There are a few old cached pages around so please always start with this page.

WHEN ARE THE BRIDGES EVER READY?: So life goes on with all the distractions, challenges and joys that
well-intentioned randomness can bring. It seems, after all these years of displaying this website and selling
very limited numbers of bridge kits, I would realize I can't develop a new bridge and make the hundreds of
castings for a current bridge run. The Durango Girder bridge is quite popular and casting them is taking my
bridge time. I am anxious to convert my Durango truss drawings into .stl files for 3-D printing the masters. We
will get there eventually!

ALSO OF INTEREST: I have set up a Shapeways store page. I have a link page on this website too. I will have
details, bridge parts and other projects there. The stuff in my head that I want to have made but don't want to
or can't easily cast will there. It is starting small with a couple of detail parts from the girder bridge but I plan on
growing the collection. I have a cool scheme for N-scale abutments and piers that allow a modeler to string
together any types of available N-scale bridges and have the rail at the same level. Drawings are in process.

NEXT PROJECT: DURANGO THROUGH TRUSS IN 1:48! It is my wish to create a highly accurate mostly resin
kit of the through-truss in Durango CO. I have had numerous requests for a through-truss for On3 modelers.
Please go to the
Durango page for the details.

PROJECT IN PROCESS: DURANGO THROUGH PLATE GIRDER IN 1:48! This is the matching bridge for the
truss in Durango CO. I had the urge to make an all-resin kit that is fully detailed but easy to assemble. The
parts are designed by me, mastered by 3D printing and cast here at JPS World Headquarters. Please see the
Durango Girder page for details.

THE OTHER IDEAS? The list remains long. My ideas can drift depending on feedback from modelers and
availability of information. I then target one project that will have the most benefit and interest. I wish I could
speed up the process to get more done!

BRASS OR RESIN: The Lobato Trestle used all etched brass. It worked very well to create an incredibly
strong structure. But it is a big task to solder together. Soldering etched brass is skill that a only very small
part of the modeling community has. I want to enable more modelers to enjoy my bridges, so I will be going
back to hybrid (composite?) kits with resin, laser cut, 3D printed and brass parts, like the
Cimarron deck truss.
All modelers can use ACC adhesive, and it has worked well on the other bridges, it simply means I have to
cast parts more frequently. The new Durango Girder bridge is almost all resin and will make a nice
introduction kit to my bridges that is fairly easy to assemble. The Durango Truss will be mostly resin with brass
eye bars (although there is this super-hard high-strength resin out there that would make better a scale

GETTING A BRIDGE: I am using the PayPal invoicing system. I can accept credit cards and PayPal account
payments this way. See the blue text box on the right and on each kit page for info. You can send a check too
after we verify what you wish.

ASSEMBLY: I believe you will enjoy assembling any kit. The parts have features to help alignment, I include
some important alignment fixtures as needed, then it is up to you to figure out clever and convenient ways to
hold the parts. The kits include a CD with the instructions and reference material so you can use your laptop
near the workbench, transfer it to your portable device or print out pages as desired (and read it at work too!).

INSTRUCTIONS: I set up a page for you to download any available instructions. You can get a great idea of
what these kits are all about.

NEXT BRIDGE POSSIBILITIES: There are about 25 I could start anytime. I have a few in progress and
sketches of others. The Durango bridges will be coming next. After that I do not have anything planned, but
the Sn3 Ridgway through truss remains near the top, as previously announced.

OTHER IDEAS: I like lattice through truss bridges. I also have info on a long, pin-connected bridge in the
Shenandoah valley. I am close to an historic Phoenix through truss that is stunning. The list goes on!

A NOTE TO MY FANS: I have received many ideas, photos and even drawings for bridges over the last years.
I want to make them all! But, as you can see, I cannot all at once. This project is very time limited and the
process very intensive so my output is quite spread out. I wish to truly thank you all for your support and
generosity. All the data remains in my files and in my head. There will be a day when this becomes a full time
project so I am very grateful to have these great bridge ideas already available. Please keep the info coming. I
also want to get back to going to the NNGC to see you in person.
Thank you!

The older bridges were popular and well accepted (Navajo Through Truss, Cimarron
Deck Truss, the gigantic Lobato Trestle, remember the HO Through Truss?). Retired means I am no longer
offering them but I like to leave the photos up because they are pretty. I like to start new projects so get a
current project when they are available.

WARRANTY PAGE: I added an info page. TO WARRANTY

WEBSITE: I use AABACO (formerly YAHOO! or maybe it's Yahoo! again or Luminate or whatever- who was it
that bought Yahoo!?<&^%) web hosting and their Site Builder. It is a simple way of making a website. I put the
effort into my bridges. But if you have a correction or comment please email.

PRIVACY: I don't collect your info or send out email newsletters. Actually I end up deleting or misfiling emails
anyway so know your info is not used in any way except as you request. I will save your info if you wish to let
you know when something is available. My web host has their privacy policy available on the web.

Thanks for your interest in this bridge model kit project. And thanks for your patience! This is a one-person
project. I have a very busy day job and a wonderful home life but both can make my bridge time variable and
sometimes limited. Email me for more info, with comments or to express interest in obtaining a kit.
Check back
for the latest news!

John Palecki
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