Cast Resin and Etched-Brass kit (changed from all-brass)
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The through-truss bridge known as 452-A in Durango, CO could be the most photographed narrow-gauge
bridge ever. After a long and roving lifespan starting in 1888 including two earlier locations, this bridge still
feels the weight of 36" gauge steam locomotives. The Durango and Silverton runs their trains daily
through this bridge across the Animas River.

My previous 1:48 Navajo Truss proved to be a very popular kit. I decided to make another truss that is
well known. This bridge is proving to be just that.

A change since I first announced this kit: It will be similar to the Cimarron Deck Truss with cast resin beam
sides and etched brass lacing. This kit will be made to assemble with ACC (super glue) adhesive so many
more modelers will find it a project they want to build! The bridge will be quite strong by using steel
full-length center stingers as the bridge backbone.

I have blueprint copies of this bridge and am making every effort to include all the details and nuances of
the real truss.

I will update the progress as the project develops.
Durango Through Truss
Modelers have expressed a desire for a
through truss!
Especially so in 1:48 for accurate On3

WHEN?: The Durango Through Truss in 1:48 is being
developed at a pace that works for now- see the about page.

PRICE?: The amount of brass and castings to make 10 main
beams, 14 vertical posts, 9 floor beams, etc., will be extensive. I
am going to try to minimize how many full brass patterns will be
needed to reduce set-up costs and order minimums. The
pricing will follow.

my Durango Truss folder. No deposits taken or needed!

Thanks for your interest in this new bridge model project.  
Check back for the latest news!

John Palecki

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