1:48 O-SCALE
All Etched-Brass kit


The Lobato Trestle is a famous spot on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. It is north of
Chama in New Mexico and crosses Wolf Creek. The prototype Lobato structure includes six
plate girder spans and five bents. The tallest is about 75' with four stories.

The Cascade Creek Trestle is near Osier, Colorado and is also used by the Cumbres & Toltec
Scenic Railroad. The Cascade is longer with eight spans and seven bents; the center three
five stories at about 95' tall.

Both trestles are originally part of the Denver and Rio Grande Cumbres Pass Line between
Chama and Antonito. They were both designed by the same engineer and were produced at the
same time in the 1880s. The design has unique features. The girder spans are riveted together
into one solid length with no expansion connections, except at one end abutment. The
single-width bents are on pins so they can rotate slightly as the structure changes length in
varying temperatures. The taller bent legs taper in size to be widest in the middle, with
interesting curved-sided plates on the outside.

The model was an all-brass kit with resin stone footing and abutment castings. It was available
in components so you can assemble whatever bridge you desire.
Kit Info-

This grand kit has been retired. It was a grand project befitting a grand

WHERE'S THE COMPLETED JPS LOBATO TRESTLE?: I ran out of time to complete it for the display
base but I do plan on finishing the last girder and bent so I can make the entire bridge for display.

BRASS: The frets are beautiful. The bents are wonderful to build and hold- Bent C is GIGANTIC!
They are stunning! Soldering the bent parts makes them incredibly strong.

CASTINGS: A pair of simulated stone footings cast out of resin are included with each bent kit. They
have threaded inserts top and bottom for the shoe and mounting on the layout framework. Abutments
are available for anyone buying a girder span. They will make getting your girder spans to earth again

ASSEMBLY:  AC super glue can be used on the girder spans. For full strength the bent legs should
be soldered. I include patterns, instructions and etched brass fixtures for ease of assembly. The
instructions are downloadable on the
Instructions page. The video above shows how a typical beam is

PLANNING:  The bridge was made to the John Maxwell collection actual blueprint copies, and
whatever data I can find on the web and in print. There are detail drawings missing in the set, but by
scaling, interpolation and observation I did create the CAD drawings. The towers were tricky due to
the neat curving side plates- they cover the C-channel beam sides as they taper together to be closer
at the pin end than at the gusset end.


Thanks for your interest in my most epic bridge model project yet.  Email me for more info.  Check
back for the latest news!

John Palecki

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Lobato Deck Girder Span
$140.00 ea
Two large brass frets.
Shoe plates included so it can be used
individually on abutments or piers.
Assemble with ACC or solder.
Primary span length 54'
L: 13.5"
W: 2.7"
H: 1.0"
L: 10.9"
Builds shorter also at 43.5'.
CD-ROM with instructions.
Does not include ties, rails or
abutments- use your choice of wood.
Deck girder span (two frets included)
17.25" x 5.75"
Click to see  larger.
Outstanding rivet detail!
Top plate is flat for easy ties attachment.
Bottom plate is layered per the prototype.
Click to see photos larger.
Build it the primary 54' version or easily
Click to see larger.
Lobato Trestle Short Bent A
$85.00 ea
Two brass frets.
Must be assembled with solder.
Height from footing surface to tie surface.
H: 5.4"
CD-ROM with instructions.
Includes cast resin footings with screws.
Lobato Trestle Medium Bent B
$145.00 ea
Three brass frets.
Must be assembled with solder.
Height from footing surface to tie surface.
H: 12.8"
CD-ROM with instructions.
Includes cast resin footings with screws.
Lobato Trestle Tall Bent C
$275.00 ea
Nine brass frets.
Must be assembled with solder.
H: 20.4"
CD-ROM with instructions.
Includes cast resin footings with screws.
Here is an instruction page. The PDF
platform. Prototype information is also
on the CD.
Click to see page larger.
Go to the
Instructions page to
download any instructions.
top bent strut. To the right is a
2-D development drawing of the
short bent. The work required to
Far right is 3-D CAD view of the
make this a buildable, accurate
kit has been overwhelming and
Far right is 3-D CAD view of the
very rewarding!
Bent C is an impressive model by itself.
The shoe at the leg bottom and the
cap at the top use pins so the bents
pivot as in the prototype.
Two cast resin footings come with every bent. Threaded inserts
are cast into the material for the shoe and a mounting screw.
The screws are included!
Lobato Kit Info & How To
9.00" x 3.80"
Click to see larger.
8.20 x 3.80".
This is the assembled Bent A. It
is the shortest of the bents.
Included in the Lobato trestle
Click to see larger.
Leg fret
13.38 x 6.75".
Click to see larger.
Strut B2
3.75" x 6.75".
Click to see larger.
This Bent B complete with all the bracing,
plates and lacing in the correct locations.
Leg upper story
9.50" x 7.00"
Click to see larger
Leg mid 1 story
9.50" x 7.00"
Click to see large
9.50" x 7.00"
Click to see large
Leg lower story
Click to see large
Shoe & Cap
9.50" x 1.50"
Click to see larger
Strut C1
7.50" x 4.13"
Click to see larger
Strut C2
9.50" x 5.30"
Click to see larger
Strut C3
7.50" x 5.25"
Click to see larger
Click to see larger
The plates overlap the next section down to make the leg
assembly straight, strong and stiff.
Click each one to see larger
Every beam of the bents assemble the same way with tabs and slots for
1) The fixture is created to holds the sides.
2) One flange/lacing part is soldered onto the sides (rivets facing down).
3) The three parts are now sturdy and aligned enough so the other
lacing part is soldered.
4) The overlay mini-frets are soldered in place with visual position cues.
5) The mini-frets are clipped off. Clean it up and that's it!
Click to see larger
Brass assembly fixtures are included for each type of beam. They are glued to a simple
styrene base. The sides and top or bottom are easy to align and assemble true.
The cross bracing struts are nice models on their own.
Click each one to see larger
The bent struts and the rod braces have great detail.
Click to see larger
$50.00 pair
Cast resin colored gray. Note: The gray
color can be a little variable.
The abutments are modeled
abutments. The abutments will
mount easily to benchwork with
glue or a few screws.

They and the footings are made
with a slightly glossy mold
coating that is a permanent
finish ready to take paint. There
is no need to wash greasy mold
release off.
The instructions are now here on this
site under the Instructions tab!
here to download the instructions.
Lobato Trestle: The
This is my clamped assembly of Bent A,
Bent B, Bent C, two 54' girder spans and
a 40' span. I am building the rest of my
components now, getting closer to a final

My assembly is attached to a laser-cut
plywood support and display system..
Here's a kit of bents with the footing
castings wrapped separately.
Prototype photo
The Deck Girder Span makes a nice
O-scale stand-alone model. It very
accurate and sturdy enough to hold
any equipment.
The girder span is wide enough for standard gauge track.